Belwood Lake Ice Fishing

Belwood Lake is located in southern Ontario near the town of Fergus. Created in 1942, Belwood Lake is the result of the construction of the Shand Dam, which in turn created the large reservoir now known as Belwood Lake. The Shand Dam was the first dam to be built in Canada with the sole purpose of water control. Visitors to Belwood Lake Conservation area can stand on top of Shand Dam and see the Grand River valley below.

Essential Gear For A Day On Bellwood Lake

At 12 km-long, Belwood Lake offers a wide range of water related activities including boating, fishing, ice fishing and water-skiing. The lake boasts great fishing for Northern Pike, Perch and Smallmouth Bass. Recently, reports of walleye (pickeral) being caught in the lake are growing. It is rumored that some local folks placed several walleye into Belwood lake a number of years ago. The species seems to be establishing itself in the deeper waters of the lake.

Belwood Conservation Area offers daily hut rentals when conditions permit. Find out more detailed information about the availability of ice huts on Belwood lake at the GRCA website.

The best ice fishing on this lake tends to be for Perch. These small but aggressive panfish can make a funfilled day on the ice. Perch are usually quite willing to take whatever bait you might decide to drop down the hole. Try a variety of different lures and presentations to maximize your success with Perch on this lake.

Large northern pike are caught each year on the ice at Belwood lake. Your best bets for finding large northerns in this lake are jigging large, flashy spoons such as Cleos and Williams Wobblers. Try using a tip-up baited with a large minnow, dead or alive. When the action is slow with jigging, sometimes live bait is just the ticket to get fussy northern pike to bite when ice fishing.

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