Take The Family Ice Fishing

Ice fishing for the Whole Family


It is easy to get into the slump of wasting the winter away on the couch. Outdoor family activities can be few and far between during the snowy season but ice fishing is a sure fire way to get everyone out into the fresh winter air. There are a few things to consider in order to keep everyone, young and old, having a good time.


Never take yourself or your family onto any ice that you are unsure about. Always know the condition of the ice you are going on. Pick a day that is not wet or windy to take the family out and save the diehard ice fishing trips for you and your buddies.


There is nothing worse than being too cold or uncomfortable when you’re out fishing. Make sure to dress the kids in the warmest clothes they have. If the little ones get cold and start complaining no one will have fun. You might also consider getting an ice hut to keep everyone comfortable.

Other Entertainment

When the bite is slow it is a good idea to have other things for the kids to do. Games, sled rides, snow balls, books, snow forts, snow men and other activities can keep the kids occupied until the fish start to hit again. Bored children will end a fun family ice fishing outing very fast.


Bring lots of snacks for you and the family. Eating will help keep you warm, and even occupy some of the down-time between fish. If you’re getting lots of fish you could even cook some up right on the ice, it will help to make a memorable trip.

Target the Right Fish

The best ice fishing for children is catching pan fish like perch and crappie. With young and inexperienced ice fishers it should be about ease and quantity, they will have more fun when they are catching fish constantly. A good day of ice fishing for perch will keep the kids busy for hours.

Know When to Call it Quits

It is important to know everyone’s limits, and head home before they’ve been reached. It likely takes a lot longer for you to get cold and bored than it does for the kids, so leave at the first signs of discomfort. They little ones will remember being cold and bored just as easily as they will remember a good time.

Have Fun

The most important thing about an ice fishing trip with the whole family is that you all have fun. Children remember the quality time that is spent with them, so if you are well prepared an ice fishing trip will create lasting memories.

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