Chumming with Salted Minnows – An Ice Fishing Trick

Many folks who fish with live or dead bait will from time to time use minnows as their offering to fish.  With that usually comes an excess of minnows at the end of the day.  Why waste this perfectly fine bait when you can save them for future use.

The main trick here is to salt any leftover minnows that you have from your fishing trips.  Simply storing them in a bag with some salt, in the freezer is an excellent way to keep a good supply of salted minnows that can be used to chum the area that you are ice fishing.

Watch the video below where Tim Smyth of Mad Fisher Media explains the benefits of saving unused minnows, salting them, and using them for the purpose of chumming when ice fishing.

This fishing tip is provided by Daily Fishing Tips and was filmed at Tamar Vacations, a Temagami Ice Fishing Destination.

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