Ontario Ice Fishing


How often have you been out targetting one species, only to find that you are catching a species that you did not even expect to b
Various methods can be used to target both lake trout and whitefish simultaneously.  One such method that we’ve found to be
Ice Fishing for Pike The pike family includes musky, pickerel, gar, northern pike and grass pike among others. Northern pike and g
It’s February again and almost time for our annual trip to the Temagami area. We generally encounter the full spectrum of specie
Ling- Midnight Madness Most peoples first encounters with Ling, which are also known as Burbot or freshwater Cod, are incidental.
Ice fishing for perch is one of the best winter activities there is. It offers lots of action, and can be fun for the whole family
A day of ice fishing usually begins with seeking out your desired area and setting up somewhat of a camp.  Drilling holes is the