Lake Trout (Salvelinus namaycush) are the largest species in the char family. They only exist (naturally) in North America, mainly in Canada, and are found in deep lakes throughout Ontario. Lake Trout can be distinguished from other char, trout, and salmon by having pale spots on their body and a deep fork in their caudal fin. Adult Lake Trout reach a wide range of sizes depending on the size of the lake and available fish prey, but if you had to put a number on the size of a typical adult Lake Trout, it would be 40 – 100 cm. The record Lake Trout for Ontario was 130cm and 63lbs in Lake Superior [1].

Lake Trout are a cold water species that mainly feeds on fish, but in lakes without fish prey in the open water they feed on zooplankton and reach much smaller sizes. It is a good idea to check the fish species in a lake before you go fishing, looking for open water prey fish like Cisco, so you can manage your expectations. The hard water season is an equalizer for fishermen targeting Lake Trout. In the winter Lake Trout can be found throughout the lake compared to the summer when they are stuck in deeper, colder water.

To target large Lake Trout:

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