Ling Cod – The Freshwater Delicacy – Poor Mans Lobster

Ontarios deep, cold northern lakes are home to some of our most sought after quarry when Ice Fishing.  For most people, thinking of these lakes brings images of giant lake trout, and hordes of whitefish.  There are other species that are just as plentiful, actually more plentiful than these other well known fish species.

Jigs That Catch Ling

The burbot, ling, or fresh water cod, is one of these species.  In northern Ontario, this species is extremely abundant, yet highly under utilized.  This is surprising because the fish is one of the tastiest fresh water fish species available to anglers during the hard water season.  Also referred to as “Poor Mans Lobster”, there are a variety of ways that this tasty fish can be prepared.

Watch the video below to learn a little more about this species.

This fishing tip is provided by Daily Fishing Tips and was filmed at Tamar Vacations, a Temagami Ice Fishing Destination.

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