Rabbit Lake is located in the near north of Ontario.  Just east of Temagami Lake, and the town of Temagami, Rabbit lake is a prime destination in Ontario for ice fishing.  Nearly a hundred years ago, a hydro dam was built on Rabbit Lake, and it is still there.  Visitors to the lake in winter will notice that the lake level has dropped, and the shoreline is anywhere from ten to twelve feet above your head.

Rabbit Lake is a large, very deep lake.  As with most lakes in northern Ontario, the main species to target are lake trout and whitefish.  These two species tend to co-exist in the same depths and well as the same parts of these lakes.  Try using the ‘Lil Foxee Drop Shot Method‘ for these species.  Other species you can target on Rabbit lake as well as other Temagami area lakes are walleye, northern pike, and in the evenings Ling, a tasty treat often overlooked by anglers.

Lake trout season opens on February 15th every year, and anglers await this time just the same as they do opening trout season in april.  Once the season opens, you have the opportunity to fish for these large, deep water fish.  Until then, you’ll need to focus on walleye (pickeral), northern pike and whitefish.

A great option for ice fishing on Rabbit Lake is to rent an ice bungalow.  Usually these bungalows will sleep between 4 and 8 people.  Theres nothing quite like spending a few days in the middle of a frozen, northern Ontario lake fishing 24/7 in the comfort of your on-ice cottage.  A recommended outfitter in the area is ‘Gramps’.  Dan and Bonnie run an excellent operation up there.  You can find them on Highway 11 just before the town of Temagami, and right at the access road to Rabbit Lake.

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