Innerkip pond is an accidentally man-made pond in an old quarry that flooded one day. When the quarry flooded, it was too fast to get all of the equipment out so there is still a bunch of it on the bottom. Divers use this location to dive through the ice in the winter and all year long. It also has good ice fishing for Pike. On the pond is a trailer park and it is a popular swimming and recreation place in the summer. It is located near Woodstock Ontario, and close to the 401.

Pike are abundant in Innerkip pond and can be caught though the ice. Large minnows and lures seem to work best. Fishing is best in the deepest end of the pond. The pond also has a population of bass. Bass are sometimes caught incidentally through the ice, and if caught they MUST be released immediately because they are out of season.

Pike are a fun and strong fighting fish to catch when you’re ice fishing, and great to eat if you know how to clean them. I like to use minnows that are at least 3 inches or larger, and large lures when targeting pike. Innerkip also has a good panfish population, in the shallower water.

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