The Grand River Conservation Authority (GRCA) runs a large number of conservation areas in the Grand River watershed in southern Ontario. Many of these conservation areas have reservoirs, or even lakes contained within them that are excellent opportunities for some easy access ice fishing. The Grand river flows over 300 kilometers through southern Ontario, and the The Grand River Conservation Authority manages water and other natural resources throughout 38 municipalities, which have a population of close to one million residents.

Throughout the Grand river watershed, there are several large tributaries that have been dammed off in order to control water flows throughout the seasons. These dams have created large reservoirs that are ideal ice fishing opportunities in southern Ontario. These reservoirs include Belwood lake, Guelph lake and Shades Mills reservoir. The main species you can expect to catch in these water bodies are perch, pike, walleye and various other panfish. Fishing can be expected to be from fair to excellent.

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Of course, there are numerous other ice fishing opportunities with the Grand River Conservation Area, and it is recommended that you visit the GRCA website for current information on Ice Fishing Conditions.

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