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Rabbit Lake – Temagami Ice Fishing

Rabbit Lake is located in the near north of Ontario.  Just east of Temagami Lake, and the town of Temagami, Rabbit lake is a prime destination in Ontario for ice fishing.  Nearly a hundred years ago, a hydro dam was built on Rabbit Lake, and it is still there.  Visitors to the lake in winter […]

Take The Family Ice Fishing

Ice fishing for the Whole Family   It is easy to get into the slump of wasting the winter away on the couch. Outdoor family activities can be few and far between during the snowy season but ice fishing is a sure fire way to get everyone out into the fresh winter air. There are […]

Essential Ice Fishing Gear

The Bare Minimum for Ice Fishing When it comes to ice fishing you can have loads and loads of gear and toys or the just bare minimum and still catch lots of fish. It’s great to have power augers, portable ice huts, heaters, tip-ups, ice rods, fish finders, underwater cameras and all sorts of other […]

Ontario Pike Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing for Pike The pike family includes musky, pickerel, gar, northern pike and grass pike among others. Northern pike and grass pike are a blast to catch through the ice and will be focused on here. Pike are abundant throughout many Ontario lakes. Most of the time you can find them in lakes and […]

Lake trout and Whitefish Drop Shot

It’s February again and almost time for our annual trip to the Temagami area. We generally encounter the full spectrum of species available when we fish this region, but the two species that seem to go hand in hand are whitefish and lake trout. Targeting either of these fish will usually result in a few […]

Choosing an Ice Fishing Auger

Ice fishing can be as simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be, but the one thing that is mandatory is a means of getting through that ice. I still remember the days of using an axe to work my way through 18 inches of ice. The thought makes me want to take […]