The Importance of Spare Ice Auger Blades

Bring Extra Ice Auger Blades!!!! Tim and I were recently out ice fishing on Lake Simcoe off of Inisfil beach. The weather was perfect, the reports positive and after nearly two hours of driving we were ready to head out on the ice. We loaded up the sleds with a portable hut, minnows, rods, auger, […]

Ice Fishing for Ling in Ontario

Ling- Midnight Madness Most peoples first encounters with Ling, which are also known as Burbot or freshwater Cod, are incidental. Usually in deep coldwater northern Ontario lakes after the Walleye bite has died off and lines are left down just a bit longer than normal, an angler will stumble across what I like to call […]

Ice Cleats Save The Day

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: The Advantages of Ice Cleats If you are an avid ice fisher like me then you will know how different conditions can be on a frozen lake from time to time. Often the ice will be covered in packed down snow, but other times it will be wind swept […]

Ice fishing Innerkip

Innerkip pond is an accidentally man-made pond in an old quarry that flooded one day. When the quarry flooded, it was too fast to get all of the equipment out so there is still a bunch of it on the bottom. Divers use this location to dive through the ice in the winter and all […]